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Diagnostic $79

Performing diagnosis is imperative to determining the faulty component(s) for a particular concern. Ultimately, it is cost effective to perform diagnosis before any repairs. Diagnosis involves gathering data based on concern, computer fault & sensor data and electrical/mechanical testing of components.

A/C Recharge Service $99

Includes 2 lbs of R134a refrigerant, vacuum leak test and adding dye to system to identify any future leaks. For A/C Repair Service please submit an estimate request.

Brake Fluid Flush Service $89 as single service

Includes flushing new brake fluid through the system. Brake fluid naturally absorbs moisture/water over time. This causes internal corrosion of expensive components which leads to decreased braking efficiency. Also, under high heat this water can boil causing a spongy brake pedal.

Power Steering Fluid Flush $89 as single service

Includes flushing new power steering fluid through the system. Over time fluid breaks down, also becoming contaminated from wearing components. New fluid is essential to the longevity of the hydraulic power steering system.

3 Step Fuel System Cleaning $99

Includes fuel injection cleaning service through the fuel rail to clean fuel injectors (also cleans intake valves on port injection systems), throttle body cleaning service, idle relearn, in-tank additive & test drive. Helps restore efficiency, drivability & fuel mileage.

Induction Decarbonizing Service $89

Includes intake manifold/induction cleaning. Highly recommended as regular maintenance for vehicles equipped with direct injection (as opposed to port injection systems). This helps mitigate carbon build up on the intake valves. Which leads to misfires, poor fuel economy, shortening the life of engine management & emissions components.

General Inspection $79

Includes a visual inspection of components under the hood, underbody, disc brakes, tires, windows, electrical system testing, A/C performance check, road test & engine fault scan.

Pre Purchase Inspection $99-$150

It is highly recommended to have a potential vehicle to be purchased inspected prior to signing that dotted line. You don't even need to be present! Schedule your Pre Purchase Inspection and receive your digital inspection report with photos in your inbox!

Brake Pad & Rotor Replacement $208+tax average per axle

Includes premium ceramic brake pads, quality rotors, new brake pad hardware (when applicable) & ceramic extreme lubricant applied to components. Average price of brake pad & rotor replacement $208+tax. Please submit an estimate request for your vehicle.

For any service not listed please submit an estimate request.

Erich, Your Personal Mobile Mechanic.

12 month / 12,000 mile warranty

Void if altered or repaired outside of E3 Automotive LLC

Services & repairs reported to CARFAX®.

E3 Automotive does not work on previously disassembled vehicles.

Services Not Provided


Tires or TPMS sensors

Engine replacements

Cylinder heads

Internal powertrain components

Drivetrain repairs ​(clutch, transmission, differential)

Steering gears/racks (require immediate alignment)

​Pick up trucks over 1/2 ton

Full size vans


Hybrid/electric vehicles

Heavily modified/lifted vehicles

Pre-2000 vehicles (discontinued parts)

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