Air Conditioning Service & Repair

R134a systems only.
Includes 2 lbs of R134a refrigerant and adding dye to system to identify any future leaks. For A/C component repair service please submit an estimate request.
Limited Lifetime Part Warranty on select A/C Compressors!

Air Conditioning Repair Service Request Estimate

Most vehicle air conditioning issues are leaks caused by worn seals, hoses, schrader valves or components in the refrigerant circuit. Some issues can be as simple as a faulty relay or blend door actuator in the dash diverting incorrect (heated or cooled) air flow. On rarer occasions the air conditioning compressor can fail causing metal debris contaminate to be distributed throughout the entire refrigerant circuit requiring replacement of many components and flushing the remaining lines with a solvent to clean the contamination from the system. For Air Conditioning Repair Service please submit an estimate request or a diagnostic appointment request.

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